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Why Choose Rexmed Instruments®

REXMED INSTRUMENTSis committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalizing their need, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.

• Professional employees with wide accounting, payroll and administration experience.
• Hardworking attitude, the work is done according to plans and on schedule.
• Reliable and convenient working methods. We work in cooperation with the customers.

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REXMED INSTRUMENTS are manufactured to meet the highest Quality Standard. We cannot accept any liability for the failure of the products, which have been modified in any way from their original state for any failure due to the misuse or application, which is not in accordance with the designer intension.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS prices are very reasonable without the sacrifice of Quality Standard.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS Promise is to provide Health Care Professionals Instruments & Services Provider.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS are completely autoclave. For further information, see the manufacturer recommendations for sterilization & AAMI standards for Hospital Steam sterilization. Below are some generally accepted guidelines for sterilizing reusable instruments.
STEAM – Steam autoclave at 2500F / 1210C for 20 Minutes.
FLASH - Steam autoclave at 2750F / 1340C for 10 Minutes.
GAS (ETO) – Follow the Manufacturer’s Guide for the unit, which you are using.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS are compatiblewith almost Surgical/Dental/Orthopedics & Electro-Surgical Instruments in the market.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS can also custom manufacture any instrument according to your particular design & specifications. We welcome inquiry of instruments not shown in our catalogue.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS delivery of the order normally within 60 Days of the receipt of purchase order

REXMED INSTRUMENTS guarantee to be free from defects in material or workmanship. Should a defect be found! The instrument will be replaced with any instrument of equal value that you choose.

REXMED INSTRUMENTS honest and integrity to follow through on our commitments.
This means we will:
• Do what we say we will do.
• Protect your personal information.
• Act in a manner that is transparent and consistent.
• Measure your satisfaction with our services and to use these services to improve us.
• Be accountable for our actions, acknowledge mistakes and take timely corrective action.
• Make information available that is simple and easy to understand so you can make informed decisions.

News & Updates

Welcome to the Rexmed Instruments!
You can shop online here through this link www.rexmedgroup.com

Rexmed Instruments dutifully follows the Official Public Service Announcement on COVID-19 from the State Government. Add the link

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